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When to do a Metal Roof Restoration

Metal roofs are one of the most durable and long lasting types of roof on the market. With a little care and maintenance, they can last as much as 50 years or more! But there will come a time when you need to do some repair work. However, there are times when you might need to perform a restoration for some reasons by the help of an metal roof restoration texarkana texas.

In this article, you will get to learn what are the reasons for a metal roof restoration.

Damaged shingles

One of the most common reasons why homeowners have their roofs restored or replaced is due to damage. This damage can be encountered anywhere on your roof, it can be on any type and style of metal roof. A metal roof restoration is done to make sure that all damages are repaired.

Changing your roof style

Another common reason for a metal roof restoration is when homeowners want to change the overall look of their house’s exterior, including the roof. While most houses with metal roofs only have one type; not a lot of people know that they can upgrade their roofs to another style.

The house is getting older

As time goes by, metal roofs will start to show signs of aging such as rusting or loose screws and seams, if your roof starts showing small signs of wear and tear like that, it would be a good idea to do a metal roof restoration before the damage gets worse.

Upgrade of the house’s structure

If your home is starting to show some signs of aging such as a weak roof truss system or other structural problems, it would be advised that you do a metal roof restoration first and foremost to ensure your safety.

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Flooding and Water Damage

Heavy rains can cause flooding in low-lying areas, which can be hazardous to your metal roof. If you have a metal roof, then it is more vulnerable and susceptible to certain forms of damages such as rusting or swelling. During flooding events, these problems will only get worse if the roof wasn’t properly cleaned for some time now.


Some roofs are designed to be used as a surface for boardwalks. If you are using your metal roof in this way, then it will wear down faster than usual especially if you use it almost every day, that is the main reason why owners get their roofs restored or replaced from time to time.

Fading of colors and oxidation

If you are using your metal roof for more than 20 years, then you might experience some color fading and oxidation. Metal roofs tend to fade in time, most experts recommended that homeowners should have their roofs restored or replaced after the 15th year of use.


Some individuals who have metal roofs usually rely on a topping system to protect it. This topping system is composed of three layers; asphalt, roofing felt and a layer of gravel to protect the metal shingles underneath. If your metal roof cracks or has holes, then it would be better for you to apply a new layer of gravel on top because these damages are going to cause rust stains on your beautiful new roof eventually.


This type of roof is considered to be more “cost effective” compared to other types of metal roofs because it has a lower level of durability and this type is known for moving around which can cause damage in the future if you don’t take action. That’s why it would be better for homeowners who have this kind of roof installed to make sure that they do a metal roof restoration every 10 years or so.

Spalling and Blistering

If you notice these two problems on your metal roof, it would be better for you to have them repaired because these are just going to get worse as time goes by. Spalling is caused by exposure to the elements, while blistering is caused by excessive heat. Both of these problems can ruin or weaken your metal roof if you won’t do something about it in time.

Wind and Hail Damage

Don’t wait for the big one; some homeowners take action on their roofs only after a hailstorm damages them beyond repair. If you can hear the metal roof panels flapping in the wind, then you should do a metal roof restoration as soon as possible.

Leaks in the ceiling

If you notice leaks in your metal roofs or around your chimney and skylights that are coming from above, then it would be better for you to call a professional for a metal roof restoration. Leaks can be dangerous if they go unnoticed especially during a heavy storm, that is why it would be better to have them sealed off and restored as soon as possible.

Finding a roofer to do the job

It’s not something you’d like to encounter when you’re renting out your unit or selling your home; leaks and other kinds of damages can cause a lot of problems such as mold and mildew or even structural disasters. That is why it would be better for you to take some precautionary measures as soon as you’ve noticed these damages because waiting for too long can lead to bigger problems in the future.

While there are many options  that you could choose from, professional metal roof restoration and replacement services are the best options if you want to make sure that your investment would last for a long time. A roofing contractor texarkana tx can help in restoring your metal roofs. They are experts with metal roofing needs.

It’s important to act as soon as you can, waiting for too long could cost you more than just a metal roof restoration. A small problem now could become a big one later on and it would be best if you get them fixed immediately instead of waiting for something bigger to happen, that is why experts recommend metal roof restoration services as part of their maintenance routine.

If you’re having other types of texarkana tx metal roof restoration installed on your home such as steel, copper or zinc, make sure that you call a professional for a metal roof restoration after the 15th year and before 20 years.